Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Langkawi's Rebak Island Gets A Rebrand From Taj to Vivanta By Taj

When a decent hotel that was good quality and excellent value
rebrands as an ├╝berluxury property, is that something to celebrate, or
commiserate? That’s the question we’re pondering with the news that Taj has just rebranded its Rebak Island Resort as a Vivanta by Taj property. 
Taj hotels are already really nice. Vivanta by Taj – of which
this is the 29th – are super duper nice. And this one certainly has
potential – it’s set on its own 390-acre island 4km off Langkawi proper with its own mini beach. The journey to the Langkawi ‘mainland’, on the hotel’s private launch, is a languid 15 minutes.

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